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                孜然土豆虾 Cumin potatoes shrimp 来源:春明 Chunming    添加时间:2020-05-15    浏览:263




                  活虾 300g、大蒜 2瓣、土豆 200g、米椒 2个、大葱2根、豆瓣酱 一勺、料酒 1勺、食用油 适量、孜然 少许、生抽 半勺



                  1. 选用本地产新鲜小土豆,切成小拇指粗左右的♀段,用清水漂五分钟。

                  2. 鲜虾剪去虾须和↘脚,挑去虾线,漂水后ω沥干。

                  3. 热锅起油,油量要多一些,油温升到筷子放进去周围会冒小泡泡的时▃候把虾倒进去炸至表面微焦。注意虾要用厨房用纸吸干水份,避免▲水份过多爆油伤人。

                  4. 炸好的々虾同样用厨房纸吸去表面油份。

                  5. 烤箱预热至180度,烤盘表面刷一点油,把土豆棒放进烤箱烤7分钟左右,至表面焦干。

                  6. 把烤好的土豆放进先前炸虾的油里略炸一下,帮助定型。

                  7. 炸☆好后同样用厨房纸吸油。

                  8. 另起油锅,锅〓内留少许油,放进切成粒的大蒜和米椒爆香后舀入ㄨ一勺豆瓣酱,转小火炒出香味(注,豆瓣酱可事先用╱刀剁细,成品会更漂亮)。

                  9. 倒入土豆翻炒上色。

                  10. 再倒入虾翻炒30秒后淋入一勺料酒和生抽。淋入料酒后要立刻盖上锅盖,帮助酒气焖进菜里,过程不用长,十几秒即可。

                  11. 撒入孜然碎翻炒。

                  12. 再撒入葱花即可起锅。



                Shrimp high content of protein and calcium, calcium supplements or compensatory nutrition to eat shrimp is very good, the crispy Fried shrimp shell, the shells can be directly eat together, feel the bang-bang dalai. Network recipes together make up look at the way the practice of cumin potatoes shrimp.


                Cumin potatoes shrimp



                Live shrimp, 300 g, 200 g 2 disc, potatoes, garlic, 2 meters of pepper, green Chinese onion, 2, 1 scoop a spoonful of chili bean sauce, cooking wine, oil amount, cumin, half spoon

                Cumin potatoes shrimp




                1. Choose fresh local small potatoes, cut into little rough or so, use clean water for five minutes.

                2. The shrimp shrimp must be cut out and feet, pick to shrimp line, drift after water drain.

                3. Hot pot up oil, oil amount more, put it in the oil temperature rise to chopsticks will take a little bubble around the shrimp Fried to pour surface micro focus. Pay attention to the shrimp with a kitchen towel blot moisture, avoid excessive water blasting oil cuts.

                4. The Fried shrimp is also to surface oil absorption with kitchen paper.

                5. Preheat the oven to 180 degrees, baking dish brush a little oil, put potato sticks in the oven for 7 minutes, until the parched.

                6. Put the baked potatoes in previous oil slightly Fried Fried shrimp, help to finalize the design.

                7. Good Fried after the same oil absorption with kitchen paper.

                8. Other pan, pot to stay a little oil, put into grain saute the garlic and pepper ladle a spoonful of broad bean paste, turn a small fire fry fragrant (note, is in the broad bean paste with a finely chopped with the knife, the finished product will be more beautiful).

                9. Pour into potato stir coloring.

                10. Add shrimp stir for 30 seconds after pour into a scoop of cooking wine and soy sauce. To cover immediately after pour into the cooking wine, help alcohol on stewing into the dish, the process need not long, more than ten seconds.

                11. Sprinkle in cumin stir-fry.

                12. Sprinkle the chopped green onion can dish up.

                Cumin potatoes shrimp