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                爱心助学活动仪式隆重举行 Loving student activity cer 来源:春明 Chunming    添加时间:2020-05-15    浏览:296


                  壮志可以万丈无边,事业可以四海奔腾,桑梓之情却时刻牢记心中。活动仪式开始ω ,苑戈庄村委领导首先发言道,提到春明二字,便联想到春明在推动当地社会经济发展之余的种种义举;今番助学善举,让人更加深切地感受到春明对这方水土血浓于水的乡梓之情,借此机会代表苑戈庄全体村民对春明长期以来的帮助支持表示最诚挚的感谢。随后,郭总起身进行了饱含深情的精彩发言,她首先对如愿考上大学的同学们进行了诚挚祝贺,希望他们励志图强,百尺竿头▂更进一步,并希望他们在人生道路的新起点再接再励、永攀高峰的同时,要懂得感谢父母、感谢老师、感谢朋友,以优异的成々绩来回报祖国、回报社会,回报曾经帮助、支持、关爱他〓们的人。郭总的此番言辞语重心长,平实质朴,使在座的同学们倍感亲切,激起他们心中的强烈共鸣,掌声经久不衰。

                At 9:30 a.m. on August 31, 2015, was held in Qingdao spring brightness condiment co., LTD., the meeting room by the spring of Qingdao bright food group co., LTD., initiated and financed by the theme of "FuZhi strong fly, let love in order to dream" in the spring of bright food group co., LTD and Qingdao education aid activities. The love student activities of the object is in the spring of bright group staff and glue west town YuanGeZhuang villagers children 10 in 2015 and was admitted to the university in the college entrance examination. Purpose is the compassion, SCF action, inspire their students to work hard, study hard, to serve the motherland of ambition. YuanGeZhuang communist leadership, in the spring of bright group vice chairman and Qingdao spring brightness condiment co., LTD. General manager ms Guo Jinmei, spring Shao Gongguo bright group deputy general manager, group projects department manager Chen Honglu and 10 students and their parents were rewarded, participated in the ceremony of the event.


                This a total of 13 people were rewarded, for this year by the national institutions of higher learning officially enrolled students, including group children 4 and YuanGeZhuang villagers children 9 employees, reward 2000 yuan per person, total reward amount is 26000 yuan.

                Boundless ambition can be great, can cause all the pentium, the native place of love is always remember in the heart. Activities, YuanGeZhuang village leaders spoke first, mention the word "spring brightness, is associated with the spring brightness in promoting the local social and economic development of a variety of achievement; JinFan student kindness, let a person more deeply feel the spring brightness of side soil blood is thicker than water township catalpa, all the villagers to take this opportunity to represent YuanGeZhuang help support for spring brightness has long said the most sincere gratitude. Subsequently, guo is affectionate wonderful speech always stood up, she first to get into university schoolmates sincere congratulations, hope they self-help, moved on, and hope in the new starting point of the path they keep up the good work, yong climbing a peak at the same time, to thank parents, thanks to the teacher, thank you friends know, to return the motherland, repay society with excellent performance, returns once help, support, take care of them. Guo) the general's words seriously, plain and simple, make the students present feel hospitable, arouse their strong, enduring applause.

                Decade cold window study hard, gold placard title. When students know that the company will be to reward when they are admitted to the university, in surprise, and high-tea, excited. Among them as a representative of the students were rewarded spoke at the ceremony, she said, in the spring of bright group company in line with the concept of caring employees, attach importance to education, respect knowledge, in drops into the sea, warm the heart of the students, let us have confidence in their future; In the spring of bright group company is meant to make us see the spark of humanity, society more to enjoy the contemporary entrepreneurs to give back to society, and reward employees sense of responsibility and mission. After parent also spoke at the ceremony, she said: I am a worker of the spring brightness, enjoy the spring is a bright group grant rewards students' parents, we make the ordinary staff's children would be able to college dream, this represents the company's emphasis on knowledge and talent, concern for the next generation, encourage and care for, thank the leadership of the concern, must let the child to study hard in the university, for his hometown in the future, and contribute to society.


                "Advocate and encourage learning, teaching, from" in the spring of bright group has become more common, and formed a long-term mechanism, it is not only focus on a family and students, but to create a social atmosphere, purify a social ethos, call a true society, advocates a kind of social civilization, to build a harmonious community.